Digital Tv: Why the UK is Sleep Strolling to the Digital Switchover

Very few people appear to know this ... By the end of 2012 the UK will have been the only nation on the planet to have actually completely made the switchover to all digital tv. The digital switchover begins in 2008 - less than 2 brief years away. A current Which Report (Which is the significant customer champ in the UK) shows that in many locations the awareness of the digital switchover is less than 2 %. Even in the Borders Television area - the very first to make the change - only about a 3rd of individuals surveyed understood what was going to happen.

It truly does appear that the UK is sleepwalking into the Digital Switchover.

Not remarkably, the entire switchover program is being viewed with eager interest by other countries worldwide. The advantages of digital tv for broadcasters, producers and program makers are quite clear. The new media is currently altering program making - Planet Earth, presently revealing on the BBC - is a prime example of what can be attained. And naturally the producers are favorably drooling at the idea of all the new tvs, video recorders and set-top boxes they anticipate to sell.

Customers are set to benefit too - much better photos and sound, hd tv, interactivity, motion pictures as needed ... The list goes on. Federal governments have an eager commercial interest too. They own the air waves. And digital tv uses up much less band width than traditional analogue signals. So the transfer to digital maximizes valuable broadcasting capability that Governments are eager to sell to the greatest bidders. The sale of the mobile telephone spectrum for 3G service providers raised over ₤ 20 billion. Who would bet that the sale of the tv spectrum will not raise substantially more? The relocate to digital tv advantages all of us. So why do so couple of people know what is taking place?

Merely having the ability to get digital tv is only part of the issue. Almost every tv purchased more than 12 months earlier, and a great portion of those being offered now, are successfully outdated. All them will need a different satellite receiver or set leading decoder box to get digital signals. Every video recorder will also need an extra decoder. The UK Government puts the typical expense per family to update to digital tv at ₤ 132 ($ 210). I feel the real figure is most likely to be 4 or times this level. Most houses in the UK have upwards of 4 tvs - every one will need substantial financial investment to get digital tv signals.

In the UK 68% of houses currently get digital tv in some kind- satellite (which means BSkyB - the only UK satellite tv service provider), cable television or terrestrial freeview. In nearly all cases digital tv is only enjoyed on the primary tv in your house. The other sets are still limited to the primary analogue, terrestrial stations. From 2008 this has all got to change. It's time to get up. We are at the limit of the most significant change in the tv experience since it was very first created. Start preparing your very own digital switchover now.